Germination Factors

Segment: 8. Plant Culture & Propagation, Standard: Determine the influence of environmental factors on plant growth. (Technical II.B.1)


When talking about germination, discuss the parts of a seed for students to identify and describe their individual functions. Go through the steps of what happens once germination is initiated. Some factors that drive germination could be temperature, light, water, etc. The agriscience fair could be a great resource for students to do a research experiment determining how long it takes seeds to emerge based on the type of seed, amount of water, added nutrients, etc.

NGSS Link: HS-LS1-3 (a) Agriscience Fair; (b) Effects of sunlight presence or lack of it (on tree and plant growth etc.)


Teaching Methods

Brainstorming, Lecture Discussion, Paired or Small Group Discussion, Demonstration, Experiment, Game and Simulations

Tags: agriculture food and natural resources education, curriculum

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