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Heads In, Hearts In: Full Engineering Activity Book


June 20, 2022 - Author:

The Heads In, Hearts In family enrichment program encourages families to use their minds (putting their “heads in”) as a tool to expand their knowledge around a variety of topic areas. By creating a shared educational experience, the family unit will work, grow and learn together, putting their “hearts in” to the process.

This unit contains the following:

  • What Does an Engineer Do?
  • Engineering Process Handout (used at the end of every lesson)
  • Building Like a Beaver
  • Egg Drop: Will It Stop?
  • Filter Fun
  • Hello! Who Is Calling?
  • Humming Harmonica
  • Index Apex
  • Marble Maze
  • Marshmallow High-Rise
  • Marshmallow Launcher
  • Paper Airplane Race
  • Peanut Hut
  • Pingpong Catapults
  • Pulley Power
  • Rockin’ Roller Coaster
  • The Strongest Column
  • A Tube Rube


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