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Infant and Toddler Activity Pages: Roll the Ball


March 23, 2021

Infant and Toddler Activity Page

Roll the Ball


  • Small, medium or large ball of your choosing (can be textured or smooth)

Area of School Readiness

Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development: According to the Head Start Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, perceptual, motor, and physical development includes motor development and health, safety and nutrition. This includes gross motor or large motor skills (like jumping, running, climbing) as well as fine motor or small muscle skills (like holding a fork or buttoning a coat). Health, safety, and nutrition includes skills for self-care (like brushing teeth), knowledge promoting healthy eating habits, and personal safety routines.

Purpose of the Activity

Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills: Your child will practice using the muscles in their arms and hands to roll a ball back and forth.


  1. Sit down across from your child (if your child is too little to sit up on their own, this is a great time to lay on your tummy with your child and practice tummy time).
  2. Roll the ball to your child and talk about what’s happening, “I’m rolling the ball!”
  3. Encourage your child to roll the ball back to you. Talk about what’s happening, “You rolled the ball back to me!” If your child needs help, show them how to push the ball away from them and say, “See how you roll the ball to me.”
  4. Cheer your child on as you are engaging with your child.(Clap your hands, show excitement for your child saying “yayyyy, your rolled the ball to me now I’m going to roll it back to you!”. If the ball rolls in a different direction than your child allow your child time to chase after the ball (whether they are crawling/walking/running).
  5. Keep playing until your child loses interest or is ready to play another game.
  6. With older children, you can stand up and toss the ball back and forth instead of rolling it. You can think about involving older.



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