Innovation-induced food supply chain design

February 1, 2019 - David Zilberman, Liang Lu, <>

Zilberman, D., Lu, L., & Reardon, T. (2019). Innovation-induced food supply chain design. Food Policy, 83, 289-297.


We present a conceptual framework depicting the issues and strategies of a firm with an innovation (in product or technology or system). To “implement” the innovation in terms of procurement of feedstock (intermediate inputs), production and processing, and marketing, the innovating firm undertakes strategic design of its supply chain. It must decide how much to produce, what segments of the supply chain to undertake in-house versus sourcing externally, and what institutions such as contracts and standards it will use to coordinate the suppliers assuring its external sourcing. The paper illustrates with cases from developed and developing economies, draws policy implications, and lays out a research agenda.


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