Land Resource Management: Economic Foundations and New Directions


Author: Raleigh Barlowe, Soji Adelaja, and Paul Babladelis

The recently published Land Resource Management: Economic Foundations and New Directions is a capstone, the final work of eminent economist, scholar and former Michigan State University Professor, the late Dr. Raleigh Barlowe who died at age 98 on May 18, 2013. A previous work of his, Land Resource Economics, was a definitive textbook on the subject and ran through four editions (first edition 1958 through fourth edition 1986). It was translated into Spanish, Chinese and Korean, and the publisher (Prentice Hall) reported that at one time the text was in use at 78 colleges or universities. In his professional career, Dr. Barlowe became a global leader in the field of land resource management and had a profound impact on theory and practice at all levels.

In Land Resource Management, Dr. Barlowe's last book, he shares a lifetime of experience and teams with two co-authors--Dr. Soji Adelaja, the John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in Land Policy at MSU, and Founder and former Director of the Land Policy Institute; and Dr. Paul Babladelis, who also helped coordinate this project--to invite citizens, leaders and planners to explore new ways of thinking about land in the New Economy.

The  Land Policy Institute is proud to have assisted in the completion and publication of this book. It is only available electronically on our website.


Tags: community planning, land policy institute, planning

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