Malawi Land Symposium Event Report


April 21, 2016 - Author: Malawi Team

Malawi Land Symposium Event Report:
The symposium was planned before the Land Bills were passed. The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development (MoAIWD), in close collaboration with Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MoLHUD) viewed it valuable to assemble a broad set of agriculture and land policy stakeholders in order to learn from research related to land that has been conducted in Malawi. Results of this research would provide evidence for refining the land-focused strategies proposed in the NAP and foster improved collaboration between MoAIWD and MoLHUD on issues of land in Malawi, particularly with respect to how land governance structures and processes might impact the agricultural commercialization efforts proposed in the NAP.


Tags: food security group, fsg presentations, fsp presentations, innovation lab for food security policy, land, malawi, youth employment / entrepreneurship

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