Michigan Dairy Review: Having to Dismiss a Dairy Farm Employee


April 1, 2009

Michigan Diary Review: Having to Dismiss a Dairy Farm Employee

Dismissal is the involuntary termination of an employee’s employment (1). Because of the involuntary character of the situation, emotions often are high on both sides and require dismissals to be handled with great care—or to be avoided. How can managers avoid dismissals? Careful selection, training, and management decisions will serve to reduce the number of dismissals. In any case, a dismissal should only be considered after other options have been tried and did not lead to the desired results.

Except in cases of gross misconduct, the dismissal should not come unexpected to the employee. Managers need to make sure that sufficient opportunities for behavioral changes were provided and a fair disciplinary process was followed (coaching and discipline procedures will be addressed in future articles). In addition, regular evaluation of an employee’s performance and a paper trail regarding performance appraisals and disciplinary actions are essential should a terminated employee challenge the dismissal in court.


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