MSU Extension provides easy-to-access information, specialized dairy programs, ranging from online resources to educational seminars, to dairy educators located throughout the state.

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MSU researchers receive grants to study dairy cattle health

$500K grants will be used to study BLV, dairy cow reproduction

What does a herd health plan look like?

A herd health plan is a wonderful tool to help you manage your livestock all year long.

COVID-19 videos in Spanish for dairy employees

To minimize the chance of spread of COVID-19 in dairy workers, provide access to information in their native language.

AFRE student received 2020 CANR Outstanding Student Leadership Award

Senior Lauren Heberling uses her dairy background, MSU education and extracurricular experiences to prepare her for a career in the ag industry.

Farmers facing isolation – stay connected, it’s good for you

The inherent nature of the agricultural occupation is independent. Isolation is often linked to impacts on mental health and loss of life by suicide.

Farm safety: COVID-19 health screening requirements for essential employees

New health screening requirements for essential employees will help keep our farms safe and ensure that they can keep running during this pandemic.

Novel coronavirus information for animal owners

There are many questions regarding animal and human health during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there are animal health experts we can turn to for answers.

MSU Extension Farm Stress Program partners to connect farmers with mental health services

Farmers can now access counseling with licensed therapists via teletherapy.

Initiative driving support of Michigan's animal agriculture industries

MSU and animal agriculture commodity organizations partner to address industry’s most pressing challenges.

Expect temporary changes in the meat case

The meat case is likely to look different for a period of time due to supply chain disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus, the virus that causes the infectious disease COVID-19.


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