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No-till vegetable production on small scale


March 18, 2020 - Author: Jonathon Parsons, Owner/operator of Uprooted farm

Tillage System Definitions for the Market Garden We’ll Cover:

  • Tillage Based System
  • Low-Till or Minimal Tillage System
  • No-Till System What We’re Not Covering:
  • Conventional Agriculture No Till Systems

3 Key Elements of No Till Market Gardening

  1. Disturb the soil as little as possible
    1. Paperpot Transplanter
    2. Tilther
    3. Hand weaving/ cultivating
    4. Bed flip techniques
  2. Keep the soil planted as much as possible
    1. Interplanting
    2. Interseeding
    3. Leaving roots from previous crop
    4. Cover crops
  3. Keep the soil covered as much as possible
    1. Compost mulching 
    2. Wood chip mulching
    3. All other mulches 
    4. Cover crops as mulches
    5. Tight planting rotations

Best Analysis- Practicality



Reduce weed pressure

Extends season

Saves steps and time (sometimes)

Reduced washing

Can be more work

Dependent on large amounts of inputs

Hasn’t proven to be scalable...yet???


Best Analysis- Ecological



Ecologically sound (Regenerative)

Increases soil fertility

Improves soil structure

Promotes soil life

Lessens runoff

May not be scalable 

Inputs might need to come from far away

Best Analysis- Idealogical



Personal beliefs factor into your choices

Don’t need to “quantify” your choices

Could contradict practicality

You might fall victim to the dogma


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