Past Exhibition: Diane DeMott

August 5, 2022

I love this earth and all the wonders it holds and that is my inspiration for my art.   It is what I know best!  With this series of Eagles and Birds of Prey I like showing them doing things we usually don’t get to see, i.e. bathing, nesting, feeding their chicks and so on. This series is not done. There are more things to learn about Eagles and I want to show that also. My favorite mediums are oils, watercolor, ink and graphite. I love to explore new mediums and I have such as colored pencil, powdered graphite and water soluble graphite. Mixing media is something I am fond of such as ink and watercolor and look forward to doing more of that. I am looking forward to exploring what I can do and making more art!

In 1996, I took a design class and the result of that class is a large drawing I call “Coming Home”. My first Eagle! It was a long time after that before I could put pencil to paper again. These birds are the result of my retirement and the time to once again make art! So, I set up and grabbed a pencil. I love working in graphite and seeing the different values that can be achieved. I also work in oils, colored pencils and watercolor. Still graphite in any form (pencil, powdered and water soluble) is my favorite medium. A friend in wild life recovery helped give me my subject matter. He just released an eagle a few weeks ago. I am lucky to have an Eagle that flies over my house and lives just down river from me. I want people with no eagles in their lives to watch to be able to enjoy these! Being an old hippy, nature has always fascinated me, I love being in the woods and along the rivers. I have been to California and seen the coast and in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and lived at the foot of Mt. Whitney, seeing it all through an artist’s eye. I want to bring it all in to other’s homes and lives!

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