Past Exhibitions: Adwoa Muwzea

August 5, 2022

Adwoa Muwzea is an emerging artist who loves watercolor and collage. She experiments with multi-media images, incorporating various types of papers into one work. Her favorite method of creating relates to her love of paper. She finds different colors, textures and types of paper to cut into various shapes, creating scenes to celebrate children, families, landscapes and still life.

Adwoa is a graduate of Temple University’s film school. Her works are sometimes only 5”X8” since she has an interest and focus on animation. She sometimes works on a small surface to create sand or paper collage animation, using film and video. Adwoa uses animation as design, to tell stories, create interpretations of family and community life, fables and ancient legends from African kingdoms. Some of the films in her collection include: Sonny’s Song (drawn and sand animation); and Oya over Time (printed paper collage animation).

Adwoa is a multi-media artist who experiments with new techniques. She loves the immediacy of watercolor, yet she works with oil pastels to create rich textures and mix strong colors. Adwoa’s current works are designs in oil pastel, acrylic media and paper collage. Adwoa sometimes focuses on portraiture too. She wants to explore ways to create portraiture using paper collage.

Adwoa is an Adjunct Professor of Humanities, at Wayne County Community College District. She uses Inspiration Media Services, her own enterprise, to teach special education students, about painting, drawing, portraiture, collage and animation.

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