Rwanda coffee stakeholder priorities and opportunities to improve farmer investment


March 10, 2020 - <> and Jared Pauli

Andrew Gerard and Jared Pauli, 2020.Rwanda coffee stakeholder priorities and opportunities to improve farmer investment?, FSP Research Brief 115, East Lansing: Michigan State University.

Key Findings

  • Rwanda coffee stakeholders prioritized topchallenges in sector between 2015 and 2018.
  • They identified changes that took place 2015- 2018 and suggested steps needed to boost farmer investment
  • Stakeholders ranked improving knowledge of potato taste defect and increasing farmer incomes as some of the most important challenges
  • Challenges related to pesticide and fertilizer became less important as progress occurred in
    distribution and research
  • The top change stakeholders observed between 2015-2018 was improvement in farmer extension
    and service provision
  • To increase farmer investment, stakeholders suggested (1) increasing coffee cherry prices; (2)
    building capacity for farmers/ value chain actors; (3) improving access to inputs/ equipment



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