SAC Meeting Minutes November 2019

January 13, 2020

SAC Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 6th, 2019

3 p.m. – 5 p.m.

306 Manly Miles


Attendance:  Sarah, Richie, Jan, Becca, Kathryn, Colin and Sharon

  1. Review minutes from October meeting - APPROVED


  1. Basketball ticketsKathryn has secured three dates for tickets to offer to the staff and their families. DATES 12/31/19 1:00 pm Nebraska; 1/30/2020 7:00 pm Purdue, 2/23/20 5:00 pm Michigan.  Request this information go out via staff listserv not in newsletter.  Check listserv for CANR Staff (Kathryn)


  1. Restructuring SAC to provide more comprehensive staff advocacy
    1. Draft communication to staffNumber one priority to get this out to the staff. Committee reviewed topics that should be covered.  Colin made notes in his original draft.  Will scrap the first draft and prepare a new draft and have to us by Friday 11/8 so that we can review.  Goal to have this out to the staff by Tuesday November 19. (Colin)
    2. Subcommittees? Some Subcommittees were assigned last month, see minutes. What do we need to look at right now to move this process forward? 

Survey – Jan and Kathryn presented document (appendix 1) will make some edits and make available for committee to review and edit.  Goal to send out to staff by early December.

 Listening Sessions – Plan 2-3 listening sessions to take place after classes are over and early January.  Suggested that we maybe do a lunch time or 4-5, offer lunch or ice cream social during the time.  Jan will put together a budget request to the Dean to see if they will support this financially. 

Recruitment – Sharon presented a draft outline of what some of the recruitment/restructure would look like.  (appendix 2)


  1. Website updateEileen asked that we put in a request for our web update, Jan did so, and sat down with Heidi, and was told where our website was going to be placed. CANR did not want a staff development page.  Committee wants to keep our own website but advocate for CANR to add a staff tab.  Richie will ask Dr. Lang if the college would add a staff specific page.  Broken links need to be fixed and documents updated.  Otherwise this topic may be tabled until expansion is underway. (Jan & Kathryn can update) (Richie to ask about staff specific page)


  1. Qualtrics survey 9 potential questions were presented in the limited time we had left in our meeting. (appendix 3) Edits will be made and document will be live on Teams for review.  (Jan and Kathryn)
  2. CANR all staff meeting - TABLED
    1. Fill committee vacancies (per new structure) prior to this meeting
    2. Planned/run by SAC
    3. Opportunity for staff to ask questions of Leadership
    4. Could be a reception, that migrates into meeting
    5. Date? February or March – prior to field season
    6. Suggested that SAC solicit questions in advance via Qualtrics, giving staff the chance to ask questions and raise concerns in an anonymous environment.
  3. Revisiting staff awards program – TABLED (Sarah willing to head committee)
    1. Monthly?
    2. Annual individual?
    3. Annual team?
    4. Put on hold until after restructuring is complete?
  4. Barriers to serving on SAC/ongoing challenges -

Colin expressed his concerns around his ability to remain in his current committee role.  Not sure if he can continue as chair or even on the committee.  Not stepping down at this time but may need to step out in the future.  Not feeling he can lead the effort effectively.  Concerned that folks in positions like his can’t serve b/c of challenges (boss is very supportive of him being on this committee)

*Becca - suggested as others did in having a co-chair.    

*Kathryn – feels having folks like Colin on the committee is beneficial.

*Sharon – echoes comments above but also added the need for better communication when you are not able to fulfill commitments.  When we don’t hear from you, we must assume you are doing what you committed to. 

  1. Other business:

            Day of giving – Dec 3rd Student Food Insecurity – (Kathryn will set this up as our Community Service drive this year.) 

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