SAC Meeting Minutes October 2018

October 3, 2018


Staff Advisory Committee

October 3, 2018

Room 33 Natural Resources Bldg.

**NEW TIME 11:00 am – 1:00 pm **


Attended: Kevin, Sarah, Mackenzie, Kathryn, Colin, Sharon, Kris, Jan (Tristan teaching, Bridget vacation)


  1. New Officers: Chair – Colin Phillippo, Vice Chair – Sarah Carroll, Assist. Vice Chair – Jan Fierro, Secretary – Sharon Reasoner
  2. Approve Minutes from August and September meetings - APPROVED
  3. Monthly Staffer – October Katie Nicpon from Extension - Who is handling these now – Bridget Becker receives the nominations, this information is then loaded onto the ANR Share (S:) drive – Awards-Monthly
  4. Big Ten Staff Advocacy collaboration - Colin will participate in the next meeting on Monday, October 29. Kris – last meeting attended by Rob DeLuca, Chair Faculty Senate and Gary Happenstandt, Secretary Academic Governance. They all thought we had a “U” wide staff committee.  Both Rob and Gary were interested in how they can support staff, since last call, they do not need to be active participants, open to hear anything that involves staff from future meetings.  Kris had checked with Central HR to get engaged with this group, they said NO. Survey responses - Colin’s draft – see attached. Edits/additions – Colin made edits to his document as we discussed each item, will route final draft to committee. Review Survey from 2016 S:\SAC\Staff Survey
  5. Presidential search committee input session – attending are 2 committee members and possible 3rd person from board of trustees - 7-8:30 p.m. in 1300 FRIB. Any input from staff? – has not received any input from zone staff. Input from committee – Include the WHY this input is important. Colin, intro, who he represents, need for president respective for the needs of staff, take our viewpoints into account, transparency, value, here to observe and will be reporting back out to the staff of the CANR, 1500 employees, interested in hearing what the other voices are saying.  Kris will send out Leadership Models for great leaders, way to exemplify their leadership and framework for leadership development: create clear shared understanding of what is expected, set accountability, value and rewarding faculty and staff, opportunities to recruit strong recurrent diverse candidates; ethical, open; kind; have these competencies and execute them.  Colin: authorship permission needed? Intro in the document, how the document came to be, Cultural changes going on and need someone who can see the need for change.  Colin to check into the form to speak
  6. MSU Extension – overall good idea, not ready this year. Jan will create a pamphlet and distribute to committee for review.
  7. Volunteer opportunity for 2019 Ag Exploration Day – need more info
  8. Replace DEI Vacancy - CANR do we look at the runner up or run a new election? Is this the short term 1.5-year seat?  Ask the runner up first, Gina Flores is co-chair.  **future these staff members should report to committee
  9. CAC update – officer’s decided, nothing else to report on
  10. Increasing staff participation - Make submitting input easier. Web submission? main obstacle to us being effective. How do we engage people better? How we get people involved, care. Black box between us and Ron, how are we getting information to him and is it influencing him? How do we convey that to the staff? What about training/development for the staff
  11. Other business



  • Review DEI election
  • Prepare memo to Dean about Spring Celebration concerns – Kris is part of debrief meeting on 10/9 and will present our concerns
  • Work, Life Balance Office possible survey – WLB asked colleges to survey supervisors related to flexible work arrangements, schedules. Something Dean wants us to do and include extension; action item with a tangible outcome, shared data (intro Dean Hendrick and the SAC) draft questions provided; Kris will circulate. 
  • Add pictures from the farm tour to website – Sharon will upload her pictures to the Share Drive
  • How do we reach out to leadership to recognize SAC committee when identifying other college level committees? Invite Quentin Tyler to a future meeting.
  • Zone 3 opening; Sharon to reach out to staff member who expressed interest in serving


Regular monthly meetings will be relocated to 33 Natural Resources Bldg. on the 1st Wednesday of each month ending in May 2019 from 11:00am – 1:00pm.  ZOOM will be available, but we encourage you to attend in person if possible.

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