A duck in a pen.

Virtual Learning Showcase – Poultry Classes and Tips


June 8, 2022 -

4-H youth have worked so hard on their 4-H poultry projects. In cases where birds can’t be seen in person, online judging is a great opportunity for youth to share what they have learned and receive feedback from a judge to help them think about their goals and plans for next year.

The document provides recommendations for fair managers to consider regarding what number of photos and length of videos to permit for virtual entries. It has been compiled based on information received from judges, industry professionals and other state Extension services. This list is provided in accordance with MDARD’s department system for county fairs. 

Virtual learning showcase class structure guidelines for poultry classes

Department 12:
Youth/Open Poultry

Project Area

Exhibit Recommendation


Poultry Poster

Poster or Display


Animal Evaluation

Image-no more than 6 and/or video (90 seconds, or PowerPoint presentation) (5 slides or less) of youth presenting project. Narration is NOT allowed.



Image-no more than 6, and/or video (2-3 minutes, or PowerPoint presentation (5 slides or less) of youth presenting project. Narration is allowed in video and Powerpoint.


Poultry Illustrated Talk



  • The focus should be on the animal, not the exhibitor. However, at some point in the video, there should be a shot of the exhibitor and the animal with the exhibitor's face visible.
  • Show all views and angles of the animal.
  • Animals must be clean.
  • Fit animals as if they were going into the live show ring
  • Appropriate show attire must be worn (per local fair rules and guidelines).
  • No preview awards, banners, etc. may be in the background of the video. Belt buckles can be worn.
  • Youth should not state their name, club, breeder or any details about their project. No talking is permitted in the submitted video unless allowed per project.
  • All videos should be continuous. Videos should be no more than 4GB and submitted in the horizontal 16x9 (1080 pixel) aspect ratio. (Simply rotate your phone sideways to “landscape mode”).
  • Do not alter the raw video by placing overlay, etc.


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