Writing a Mission Statement



One of the things we have learned is that it is important to include a mission statement in a GAP Manual. The mission statement need not be long or involved, but it should explain who you are, what you do, and why you are motivated to do it. Keep in mind the intended audience as you
write the mission statement. The mission statement should speak to food safety. You may also want to make it as inspiring as you can.

Below, you’ll find a number of sample mission statements put forth to give you several models. Look at how they are arranged and check to see that all the necessary information talked about above is incorporated in the samples.


Four Corners Farms is committed to growing great food. The care we take to deliver the freshest, safest, most delicious product is evident in every step of growing and harvesting YOUR food.

Built on 75 years of success, Deep Furrow Acres continues the legacy of success in growing the best produce, from the furrow up. From our worker training program to our state of the art packing facility, everything we do provides the best tasting product. You have our word on it.

Galloway Meadow focuses like a laser on growing an uncompromisingly good product. Rest assured that, at every step, we have done everything we can to ensure a wholesome and safe product you can feed your family with pride. We stand behind the quality of our produce in the most visible way possible, we feed our families with it.

At Maple Dell, we’re picky. From the cleanliness of our workers hands, to the fanatic attention to quality and freshness. We want to give you better than you expect every time. We think our pickiness pays off when you open a box of our produce and even more when you taste our product.



In each case, the farm was clearly identified, as was the fact that they grew food. Safety was mentioned as important and various attempts were made to show that the farm took safety seriously. The intended audience of the mission statements was reasonably clear in most cases, primarily the customer and secondarily the auditor. In just about every case, attempts were made to convey an inspirational tone. These factors are all important to creating a great mission statement.



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