Providing resources and assistance to fresh produce growers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule.

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Worker Training Text Messaging

Employee handbooks and training videos have been a go-to method for decades, but worker training does not always have to be formal or time intensive. In support of on-farm worker training, a free Produce Safety Training texting service will be launching this year.

Farm supervisors and workers can reserve a spot to receive a once-a-week text beginning in September featuring a short video or audio clip (or other resource) focused on On-Farm Produce Safety.

On-Farm Readiness Reviews

An On-Farm Readiness Review (OFRR) gives you the opportunity to walk through your operation with trained professionals and discuss what you can do on your farm to meet the Produce Safety Rule requirements.

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PSA Trainings

The Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Grower Training Course is a standardized curriculum that covers a wide range of information on produce safety, including a foundation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule requirements.

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training

Educational Resources

There is a lot to learn when it comes produce safety. We keep our website updated with relevant videos, graphics, and other resources designed to help with every aspect of produce safety on the farm.

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Are You Covered Under FSMA?

Figuring out how the FSMA Produce Safety Rule applies to your farm can be confusing. This interactive video will ask you a series of questions to determine if your farm is covered under the rule, excluded from the rule, or eligible for an exemption.


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There are many questions and concerns when it comes to both staying healthy and keeping your farm up and running in these uncertain times. Click the link below to find webinar recordings, guidance documents, and other resources that can help answer some of your questions and address issues you may be having on the farm.

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