Online Produce Safety Supervisor Training


This free course is designed to help farm food safety supervisors learn more about the requirements of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule and how to use relevant resources to support their farm's compliance with the rule.

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the basic requirements under FSMA that fall within your job responsibilities
  • Identify risks you encounter daily in your job better
  • Have a list of emergency response items tailored to the risks your employees encounter
  • Develop a skill based training plan for your employees

Course Details

The course is taught in nine short modules divided over two weeks. An additional week is given to finish any assignments from the second week of class. The course is held online through D2L.

Although this course is self paced, participation in the weekly discussions is encouraged. This course will require about 4 hours of your time and includes useful assignments that relate to your work on the farm.


Currently, there are two sessions being offered. Click on one of the buttons below to register. Pre-registration is required. Registration ends one week before the course begins.

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