• Am I Covered?

    Try out this interactive tool to help you determine whether or not you're covered by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.

  • Manure

    Manure and Organic Fertilizers Segment 2: Manure

  • Farm Food Safety Contacts

    This document will help you figure out who to contact if a food safety issue arises on the farm.

  • Spanish Praise Words

    This document provides a list of praise words in both English and Spanish.

  • Effective Farm Meetings (Spanish)

    Si planifica reuniones ordinarias o reuniones para abordar una cuestión específica, agricultores puedan querer considerar las siguientes preguntas y recomendaciones.

  • Effective Farm Meetings

    Whether scheduling regular meetings or meetings to address a specific issue, farmers may want to consider the questions and recommendations listed in this document.

  • Farm Food Safety Words

    This document gives examples of important food safety phrases to know in both English and Spanish.

  • Footbaths for Animal Facilities

    Human footwear is often not cleaned, and therefore can introduce diseases onto the farm. In this document, you'll learn how to make a foot bath for your farm, which is an easy, inexpensive way to reduce these risks.

  • Building Your Own Extra Tough First Aid Kit

    The following resource will guide you in making your own farm first aid kit.

  • Infrastructure Toolkit for Farmers

    Here, you'll find a building guide for cost effective structures used to clean vegetables.

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