• Farmworker Produce Safety Training Tools

    This presentation trains farm managers and crew leaders to conduct successful produce safety training programs.

  • Maintaining a Cold Chain

    This guidance document and episode review best practices to ensure food safety compliance when using refrigeration.

  • Rodent and Bird Control

    This guidance document addresses due diligence for rodent and vertebrate pest control and offers a standard operating procedure (SOP) boilerplate that can be adapted to your farm and help address rodents and other vertebrates in storage and packing areas.

  • Soil Amendments Handling Worker Training

    Soil amendments worker training SOP

  • Bacterial Growth Animation

    This short animation illustrates just how quickly bacteria can grow in the right conditions. Cleaning and sanitizing regularly is crucial in order to reduce bacterial growth and minimize the chances of contamination.

  • Mobile Digital Recordkeeping

    This guidance document describes how to use the forms function in Google Docs to create an online food safety record. It is a free, cloud based reporting of food safety activities anywhere a worker's smartphone can take them.

  • Qualified Exemption Infographic

    This infographic shows you what criteria your farm must meet in order to be eligible for a qualified exemption.

  • Truck Checklist Log

    Truck Checklist Log

  • Effective Farm Meetings

    Whether scheduling regular meetings or meetings to address a specific issue, farmers may want to consider the questions and recommendations listed in this document.

  • Taking a Water Sample

    Water testing can be tricky. This guidance document provides instruction on taking a proper water sample as well as requesting the correct test.