Become a Sanilac 4-H Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of 4-H

Thank you for your interest in becoming a 4-H volunteer!

Most people who choose to work with children are caring, responsible people who have the needs and best interests of the children in mind at all times. They are members of caring communities who play a significant role in helping young people on their journey to a competent and contributing adulthood.

Michigan State University Extension continues to respond to the needs of children by providing experiences with the leadership of adult volunteers. MSU Extension must make sure that the process of selecting individuals to serve as volunteers adequately identifies, selects, trains and supports those interested in volunteer leadership. It is clearly our responsibility as youth workers and volunteers to do all we can to ensure that children who come to our programs are treated with respect and dignity, and are provided with safe, caring environments in which to learn and have fun.

It is the expectation of MSU that all 4-H clubs follow the policies of the Volunteer Selection Process as they are written and implemented in the county including revisions. The safety and well being of the youth we work with is dependent on all 4-H clubs and volunteers completely adhering to the policy. MSU Extension maintains liability coverage for volunteers working on our behalf who have completed the volunteer selection process.

An individual must complete ALL of the steps before they will be considered an MSU Extension volunteer.  Once the prospective volunteer has successfully completed the entire process, they will receive an acceptance or denial letter from the MSU Extension office; the community leader for the club will also receive a copy of the letter.  The prospective volunteer may not act on behalf of 4-H and MSU until the process is finalized. This process must be completed by any person acting on behalf of 4-H or MSU, including: Administrative, Project, Activity, and Resource Leaders; Superintendents, assistants; 4-H Committee members; any adult having contact with members 4 or more times in one year; supervised or unsupervised; any adult having unsupervised contact with members at any time, including in a car; every adult handling money on behalf of 4-H; all adults leading a project for your club; and all chaperones.  Parents attending 4-H club meetings are not required to complete the process as long as they do not serve the club or county 4-H program in any of the ways listed here; please be advised parents may not be covered by liability coverage if they do not complete the screening process.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule an interview please contact the 4-H office at 810-648-2515.

Application Process

  1. Complete an application and background check using MSU Extension's Volunteer Central portal at:
  2. A face to face interview and orientation will be scheduled with the 4-H Program Coordinator upon the submission of all required forms and actions (including reference forms).  
  3. Once an applicant has been confirmed as a volunteer, they will enroll in 4-H through Please note that the enrollment deadline to be eligible for fair participation in Sanilac County is June 1 for 4-H members and volunteers.