Step 1: Making the Case for Worksite Wellness

When planning worksite wellness initiatives it is important to make sure you have support from upper management. The resources on this page will help you to make the case for worksite wellness.

Making the Case for Worksite Wellness Slides

Summary: A slideshow geared for management to help employers understand the value of worksite wellness initiatives.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


References for slides:

Work Matters for Health

Summary: A PDF that  is geared  for management that explains how health impacts work, human and economic costs for employment-related health problems, and strategies for improving health by making workplaces healthier.

Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Access: Commission to Build a Healthier America

Employer Health Asset Management: A Roadmap for Improving the Health of Your Employees and Your Organization

Summary: This explains the cost benefits of promoting a healthy workforce beyond direct financial benefits, including employee morale.

Source: Change Accent Work Group


Cost calculators

Physical Inactivity Calculator

Summary: This quantifies the cost of physical inactivity. You need the following information: your state, number of adults, number of working adults, percentage of adults 65 years and older, and median per capita salary of workforce.

Source: East Carolina University 


Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Summary:  This projects the impact of evidence-based programs on health care costs, productivity, and absenteeism. Enter the annual health care costs, annual health care cost percent increase, number of employees, information on how many employees are obese and smokers if desired (otherwise it will generate an average number).

Source: Well Steps