Step 2: Getting Started

Knowing where to start can sometimes be the hardest part to getting started with any new initiative. See the resources below to help you start your worksite wellness program.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Leadership Support Webpage

Summary: Webpage about basic leadership support. Helpful for providing background information.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Governance Structure and Management Webpage

Summary: Webpage about management roles in a successful worksite health promotion program. Helpful for providing background information.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention




Wellness Committee Guide

Summary: This brief PDF outlines steps for starting a wellness committee.

Source: California Fit Business Toolkit



Saving Dollars and Making Sense Committee Guide

Summary: This PDF is a very comprehensive resource which outlines how to establish a worksite health promotion committee, outlines for what to cover at six meetings over a year span, and additional resources in the Appendix section. We should emphasize the Eat Smart and Move More sections out of the four listed since this most closely relates to SNAP.

Source: North Carolina Eat Smart Move More Toolkit



Program Design

Summary: Web link to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Program Design information.

Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention Healthier Worksite Initiative




Worksite Wellness Guidebook

Summary: A guidebook for worksites to use to guide them through the worksite wellness process. The guidebook includes creating a wellness team, a sample committee recruitment letter template, formulating objectives and goals, evaluation, and more!

Source: Tufts Health Plan



Kicking off Employee Wellness

Summary: A PDF that is useful for collecting initial ideas after the first wellness committee meeting.

Source: Alliance for a Healthier Generation



Sample Worksite Health Team Charter

Summary: A PDF that provides a sample health team charter including mission statement, operating principals, methods/structure, functional roles, expectations of officers, expectations of team members, team communication, decision making procedures, and potential subcommittees.

Source: National Healthy Worksite



Sample Wellness Coordinator Job Description

Summary: While hiring a Wellness Coordinator is not necessary, it may be desirable to some workplaces. This PDF provides a job description for a Wellness Coordinator.

Source: MI Health Tools



Sample Budget

Summary: This PDF provides a line item budget for a worksite health promotion program.

Source: Centers for Disease Control's National Healthy Worksite Program