Community Partners

True collaboration among partner agencies is essential. This leads to seamless transition services and sustainability through braided funding streams. True collaboration requires a willingness among partner organizations to share resources and adapt policies and procedures.


Michigan State University provides an on-site classroom and a variety of internships that teach core skills related to that business or organization.

  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Hosting College
  • Benjamin Darling: Business Liaison 


Ingham Intermediate School District provides an instructor, employability skills curriculum and student interns from their affiliated schools.

  • Brooke Locher – Classroom Instructor 
  • Alana Anderson - Transition Coordinator 
  • Michael Zivsak - Social Worker
  • ________ - Director of Transition Services
  • Sarah Winslow - Statewide Director, Project SEARCH  

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Bureau of Services for Blind and Michigan Rehabilitation Services provides individual career guidance, job coaching and other supports for each intern to gain competitive employment.

  •  Justine Bond – Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (MRS)
  • Rosemarie Van Ham – Rehabilitation Counselor (BSBP)      

Peckham provides skills trainers for on-the-job training and job development for interns at the host business and in their initial job.

  • Brooke Lippert – Skills Trainer Coordinator 

 Community Mental Health Logo

Community Mental Health provides long term retention and support for eligible interns once they secure a position after Project SEARCH.

  • Scott Belanger – Coordinator