Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for the strategic direction, development, and oversight of Spartan Project SEARCH.  The following individuals are members of the Steering Committee:
Name Affiliation
Caleb Adams Peckham, Inc. Vice President of Rehab Services
Brooke Lippert Peckham, Inc. Job Coach Program Coordinator 
Justine Bond MDHHS – Michigan Rehabilitation Services Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Kate Long MDHHS – Michigan Rehabilitation Services Site Manager of Lansing District Office
Jonathan Bischoff MDHHS – Michigan Rehabilitation Services – Business Network Division Business Relations Consultant
Rosemarie Van Ham Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Tim Merritt  Community Mental Health  Case Manager 
Benjamin Darling MSU – College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Business Liaison
Laurie Sears MSU- Extension   
Kathy Forrest MSU – College of Nursing Coordinator, Professional Programs & Instructor
Patty West MSU- College of Nursing   
Donyelle Hayhoe MSU – Culinary Services Human Resources Coordinator
Donna Svendsen MSU – Spartan Linen Services Services Manager 
Cheryl Wahlen  MSU- Spartan Linen Services   
Lindsay Hill MSU – Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) Ability Specialist
Jacob Lathrop MSU – Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration Consultant to EVP
Chandos McCoy MSU – Culinary Services Retail Operations Culinary Services Retail & Events Manager
Matt Bailey  MSU- IPF Campus Service Business Office 
David Brewer MSU- IPF  
Mark Lutkenhoff MSU- IPF Structural Maintenance Manager
Michelle Rutkowski MSU- IPF Human Resources
Kelly High Cord MSU- Student Life and Engagement (RHS) Director of Human Services
Sam Watson MSU- Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Executive Assistant to Jabbar Bennett 
 Michel McDonald Ingham Intermediate School District Direction, Transition Programs
Alana Anderson Ingham Intermediate School District Transition Coordinator 
Brooke Locher Ingham Intermediate School District Instructor, Spartan Project SEARCH
Sarah Winslow Ingham Intermediate School District Statewide Director, Project SEARCH
Michael Zivsak Ingham Intermediate School District Social Worker, Spartan Project SEARCH