How to Schedule an Appointment with Your Advisor

  1. Login to the Student Information System website:
  2. Follow these navigation steps:
    • Student Homepage > Academic Progress > Advising/Tutoring Appointments.
  3. Select “College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Advising” as the advising unit.
  4. Select one of the following appointment reasons from the drop-down menu:
    • Construction Management (0065).
    • Interior Design (0155).
    • Landscape Architecture (0171).
    • Urban & Regional Planning (0265) – Note: URP majors are in the College of Social Science, but they must select the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources to schedule advising appointments.
  5. Select the Zoom or Phone appointment type.
    • For a phone appointment, be sure to list your preferred phone number in the “Additional Information” box when scheduling.
  6. Select your advisor.
    • Hannah Brodhead for ID and LA majors.
    • Jennifer Knowles for CM and UP majors.
  7. Select the day and time and follow the final prompts to book your appointment.

For more detailed appointment scheduling instructions, check out the Student Guide: Schedule Advising/Tutoring Appointments

Note: You will need to use two-factor authentication to log in. If you are unable to receive text messages for two-factor logins, you can order a free two-factor authentication FOB online via the MSU Tech Store.

Appointments are posted one week in advance. If no appointment times work for your schedule, please email your advisor to arrange an alternate appointment time. If you experience technical issues (e.g., authentication, logging in, browser issues, system errors), you should contact the MSU IT Service Desk.