Student Scholarships and Grants

The School of Planning, Design and Construction offers various scholarships for students, which encompass a range of different topics and requirements, including study abroad, financial need, leadership and underrepresented students in a particular major. Depending on your needs, there is a scholarship for you!

To view a full listing of SPDC scholarships, go to MSU Scholarship Search and select your major from the “Major or Specialization” drop-down menu.

2020-2021 SPDC Scholarship Application Form – Deadline Feb. 11, 2020

How to Apply

Complete and submit the Online Application Form. Please make sure you include all required attachments. Late applications will not be accepted.

To see what scholarships you might be eligible for, please visit MSU‘s scholarship search website.

Questions about SPDC Scholarships 

If you have questions regarding SPDC Scholarships, contact: