CANR Scholarships

The CANR Office of Academic and Student Affairs oversees and administers a variety of scholarships that students can apply for each spring with awards given in the fall.

The 2024-2025 CANR Scholarships Call is closed


This one application enables students to apply for multiple scholarships at once.

The scholarship application matches students eligibility with the different criteria for various scholarships provided by generous CANR donors and organizations.

NOTE: Students will need to submit an essay and will receive instructions on how to do so after they have completed the online application. Students may also be required to provide contact information for individuals who can provide a letter of recommendation.

The CANR Scholarship Application is open to:

  • High school students who have been admitted to MSU affiliated with programs in the CANR.
  • Current MSU undergraduate students affiliated with programs in the CANR.
  • Current MSU graduate students affiliated with programs in the CANR.
  • Current and incoming MSU IAT students.
  • Incoming transfer/first time undergraduate students admitted to MSU affiliated with programs in the CANR.
  • Incoming graduate students admitted to MSU affiliated with programs in the CANR.

If you have questions, email

There are many scholarship opportunities for students, including through MSU and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR). To see what other scholarships you might be eligible for broadly, visit MSU's scholarship search website.

Other Scholarships & Funding

Some scholarships and funding is available to students based on participation in 4-H and FFA. Different counties and states may also have other scholarship offerings.

CANR units and departments also offer many scholarships and funding opportunities for incoming and already established students, in both our two- and four-year programs.

Some CANR scholarships and funding are based on majors and some have broader criteria.

CANR Scholarships & Funding

CANR Department/Major Scholarships & Funding

External Funding Opportunities

Gordon and Norma Guyer Public Policy Internship Award - Students in any major are eligible to receive scholarships in the Gordon and Norma Guyer Endowed Internship Program; students must arrange to be employed in a public policy related internship and enroll for MSU internship credit. Scholarships of $1,000 will be applicable toward's a student's tuition; students receiving a scholarship are expected to participate in a program orientation session before the internship begins. Mandatory orientation session for SUMMER 2022 recipients is scheduled for Thursday, April 28, 2022 @ 5:30PM EST via Zoom. Please be sure you are able to attend this session.

To apply - please email either Jill Cords (, Career Consultant or Dr. Crystal Eustice (, Community Sustainability.

Competition Scholarships

There are several competitive, invite-only scholarships through MSU and CANR.