Alumni Association Scholarships

The Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) Alumni Association awards up to three $2,000 scholarships to freshmen in the Institute of Agricultural Technology, up to eight $3,000 scholarships to CANR juniors and up to two $3,000 scholarships to CANR graduate students each winter.

These scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate leadership and community service, possess effective communication skills, have a commitment to their chosen field of study, are well-rounded in their academic and non-academic pursuits, and have a vision or plan for their future career.

Applications are due Nov. 18, 2020. The scholarship committee interviews a select number of candidates in January and announces the winners near the end of the month. The scholarship will be applied to 2021-2022 academic year.

The CANR Alumni Association raises funds for these scholarships through activities such as AutumnFest and the Golfing for Scholarships event as well as gifts from individuals. 

To support the CANR Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund, please visit: 


Selection Criteria

  1. The MSU Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Association Scholarship will be awarded to full-time students in good standing in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) for use during the 2021-2022 academic year at Michigan State University.
  2. You have demonstrated commitment to your chosen field.
  3. You show indications of future success in your academic pursuits.
  4. You have a vision or plan for your future career.
  5. You will continue to be an ambassador for MSU and CANR long after graduation.
  6. Deadline to have your COMPLETE application submitted is Nov. 18, 2020 8 a.m., including resume and both letters of recommendation.

Things to prepare:

  • NAMES AND CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESSES OF TWO professors/instructors and/or employers who will write letters of recommendation for you.
    • We will send them ONE email with instructions on how to send us the letters.
    • You are responsible for assuring that letters are submitted by the deadline.
    • Limit for each is about 250 words. Please use complete sentences, proper grammar, etc.
      • 1) Describe your immediate plans after graduation.
      • 2) Describe your longer-term goals, plans and aspirations. 
    • You will be able to paste in the essays, but please compose them elsewhere rather than typing them directly into this application.




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