MSU AgBioResearch and MSU Extension Legislative Report

The 2022-23 report provides the total funds expended by MSU Extension and MSU AgBioResearch, shares data on the number of individuals utilizing our services, delivers information on the MSU Product Center, and reviews a collection of our major programs.

MSU AgBioResearch campaigns

Throughout the past year, MSU AgBioResearch has highlighted our research on some of the most important topics facing agriculture and natural resources in Michigan and beyond. So far, we've shared our accomplishments in the areas of dairy research, plant and pest diseases issues, and environmental contaminants.


Research was featured that focused on enhancing dairy productivity in tough economic circumstances.

Plant Pests and Diseases

Research was highlighted that focuses on plant pests and diseases that pose threats to agriculture and food systems.

Environmental Contaminants

Research was shared that is aimed at protecting our health, agricultural systems, soil and water.

Project GREEEN and the Michigan Alliance for Animal Agriculture

Learn more about recent research and outreach through two of AgBioResearch and Extension's flagship programs, Project GREEEN and the Michigan Alliance for Animal Agriculture (M-AAA). Funding from these programs supports one- or two-year projects. The findings from these efforts are often used to apply for larger federal grants, addressing challenges such as corn tar spot and dairy cattle health.

Connecting with farmers

MSU Extension educators in the Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute work with farms of all sizes helping to positively impact individual farming operations. When those individual operations do well, their success helps to fuel state and local economies.

Growing future leaders

MSU Extension's Children and Youth Institute provides programming for children and youth from birth to age 19, including 4-H, the largest youth development organization in Michigan.

Why I Volunteer

See why Michiganders volunteer with Michigan 4-H.

Building healthier communities

MSU Extension educators in the Health and Nutrition Institute promote healthy lifestyles and empower Michigan residents to take control of their health. Participants learn how to build nutritious diets on a budget, avoid foodborne diseases and become leaders in the food industry.

Vaccine Outreach on Beaver Island

Follow along with MSU Extension program instructor Katie Parr as she travels to Beaver Island to provide vaccine education to a group of older adults. Along the way Katie learns about the unique healthcare challenges faced by residents on the rural island.

Increasing community engagement

Successful and thriving communities combine knowledgeable and engaged legislators, businesses, community groups and residents. By connecting these groups with the most trusted tools, MSU Extension educators in the Community, Food and Environment Institute help enhance the quality of life in Michigan.

MSU Extension Participants

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MSU AgBioResearch Financials

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MSU Extension Financials

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