Undergraduate Research

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) offers funding for students to participate in undergraduate research to increase academic engagement, intellectual inquiry and practical learning.

These funds are part of the Undergraduate Research Program (URP) for students whose primary major is within the CANR only.

We’re looking for highly motivated, inquisitive, committed and self-disciplined students with a drive to succeed.

Increase your understanding of your field, gain real-world experience and prepare for your future career by working closely with a faculty mentor and graduate students.

Applications are now OPEN for the CANR Undergraduate Research Program (URP) for spring semester 2021.

  • Spring 2021 student application materials are due by Nov. 20, 2020, and research mentors must submit their reference materials by Nov. 29, 2020.

Apply to the CANR Undergraduate Research Program Now!

''Skill Development

Undergraduate research offers you an opportunity to broaden your employment opportunities, strengthen your application to graduate school or explore career interests and options.

Investigation of important issues will strengthen your research, analytical, writing and speaking skills. It could also result in journal article publication or presentation at a professional meeting or conference.

Research projects can be carried out locally or internationally. Find out more by contacting Rhonda Crackel, director of CANR Study Abroad, at crackel@msu.edu.

Funding Opportunities

URP participants may be eligible for research funds of up to $2,000 per semester.

Awardees are eligible to receive funding once a semester, but cannot exceed two semesters.

Minimally 80 percent of the award must be used as project salary, conference/travel expenses, and/or presentation expenses. No more than 20 percent may be applied toward lab and/or field supplies.

This is a great way to substitute traditional work commitments with being paid to do research on a topic you enjoy.


  • Undergraduate student with a primary major in CANR
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Any class level except seniors in their last semester

Contact Stratton Lee at leestrat@msu.edu if you have any questions.

Travel Grants

CANR offers grants to support various travel costs for students within the college. Fill out the CANR Undergraduate Travel Grant Requests Form for consideration. Travel grant awards normally do not exceed $500 per student.