Undergraduate Research

Why Should I Do Undergraduate Research?

In the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), undergraduate research allows you to become more actively engaged in your education through intellectual inquiry and practical learning. You will increase your understanding of your field, gain real-world experience and prepare for your future career by working closely with a faculty mentor and graduate students.

''Undergraduate research offers you an opportunity to broaden your employment opportunities, strengthen your application to graduate school or simply get a clearer view of your career interests and options. Investigation of important issues that interest you will strengthen your research, analytical, writing and speaking skills. It could also result in a journal article or presentation at a professional meeting.

Who is eligible?

  • CANR students with a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Please note: These funds are for students whose primary major is in the College of Agriculture and Natural resources only. Secondary majors, minors and coordinate majors are not eligible for this program.
  • Highly motivated, inquisitive, committed and self-disciplined students with a drive to succeed
  • All class levels. Seniors in their last semester of study are welcome to participate but are not eligible for research support grants
  • An MSU faculty member must agree to be a mentor for your project.

Apply for funding

Participants may be eligible for research grants of up to $2,000 per semester. The majority of the grant (80 percent) is awarded as a scholarship, hourly wage, conference travel or stipend. If you usually work during the semester, these funds could permit you to devote quality time to conducting research without having to worry about working another job. You may receive funding from this source for two semesters total.

 Approximate Application dates

  • September 15 through October 15 for Spring semester

  • February 1 - 28 for Summer semester

  • March 1 -31 for Fall semester

International Research

Research projects can be carried out anywhere in the world! Find out more by contacting Rhonda Crackel, Director of CANR Study Abroad, at crackel@msu.edu.

Getting started

CANR students may work with any faculty member at MSU. Find a faculty mentor in one of three ways:

  • Contact a faculty member directly to ask about his or her current research or to discuss working with you on a research idea that interests you. Many MSU faculty members are happy to mentor undergraduate students.
  • Ask your academic advisor if she or he knows of faculty who might be looking for student assistants for their projects
  • Contact Susan DeRosa, special projects coordinator, derosa@msu.edu
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