Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I contact my advisor?

Q:  What technology is recommended for my major?

Q:  When are SPDC program career fairs?

  • A:  Landscape architecture and Interior Design career fairs are held in spring, and the Construction Management career fair is held in fall. To check the specifics of these events, please check the career fair page.

Q:  Can I earn academic credit for an internship?

  • A:  Yes! Courses are available during the summer which can earn you credit for internships. For Construction Management, CMP 493 is available. For Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban Planning, PDC 493 is available. To learn more or to enroll in these courses, please contact an SPDC undergraduate advisor.

Q:  How can I change my major?

  • A:  Depending on the number of credits and courses you have taken, you may or may not be able to switch into a SPDC major. Please contact an SPDC undergraduate advisor for details.

Q:  What is limited enrollment?

Q:  How can I get an override, what is an override?

  • A:  An override (also known as an “enrollment permission”) gives students the ability to enroll in a class when it is either full, or when students do not meet the prerequisite(s) for the course. To obtain an override for an SPDC course, please contact your advisor. For NON-SPDC overrides, you must contact the department who is offering the course.

Q:  What is full time at MSU?

  • A:  Full-time status as MSU is a minimum of 12 credits.

Q:  I have a hold on my account?  What is this about?

  • A:  To look up your hold information, please visit student.msu.edu. An academic advisor can assist, if you have questions about a hold.

Q:  What is Semi-Annual Enrollment?

  • A:  Enrollment for courses occurs twice a year. Fall semester enrollment occurs in April, and Spring/Summer semester enrollment occurs in November. Students will receive an email from the Registrar's Office each semester with information about when they can begin enrolling.

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