SPDC Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA)

The Landscape Architecture Program offers both an accredited four-and-a-half-year Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree and a five-year dual degree program, which combines the accredited BLA with the Master of Environmental Design (MED) degree. The BLA degree program is structured around a dynamic design studio sequence and classroom learning environment. Core BLA classes and design studios are complimented by the natural and social sciences and the arts and humanities.

An eight-week Study Abroad experience is integrated into the curriculum sequence in the spring semester of year three for which both BLA and dual degree BLA/MED students are eligible. Blending creativity, design, site engineering and technical skills, and developing well-rounded professionals are at the heart of the curriculum.

This degree requires a total of 130 credit hours. Check out the degree requirements, or download BLA degree requirements and course sequence and the Dual BLA/MED degree requirements and plan.

Learn more at Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.

Construction Management - Bachelor of Science

The Construction Management Bachelor of Science program is designed to provide a student with a background in managerial, technological, economic, social, political, and environmental aspects of residential and commercial construction. A systems approach is used and includes project management, construction science, land acquisition and development, real estate, finance, management, and marketing. The curriculum has been accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) since 1999.

Career opportunities include supervisory and managerial employment within commercial and residential contracting, land development, and real estate organizations; material distribution systems; financial institutions; and governmental agencies.

This degree requires a total of 120 credit hours. Check out the degree requirements.

Learn more at Construction Management Bachelor of Science.

Interior Design - Bachelor of Arts

The Interior Design Bachelor of Arts major provides academic preparation designed to enable the graduate to enter the profession of interior design. The program has been accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). Emphasis is placed on learning the means of satisfying functional and aesthetic requirements appropriate for a variety of specific interior spatial uses. Consideration is given to the human being and the micro-environment in the total complex of environmental relationships.

The combination of courses and experiences provides students an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, and insights needed to solve design problems creatively and effectively. Students meeting the university admissions requirements are enrolled as freshmen and sophomores in the Undergraduate University Division, but may declare a major preference for Interior Design.

This degree requires 120 credit hours. Check out the degree requirements.

Learn more at Interior Design Bachelor of Arts.

Urban and Regional Planning - Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning provides students with a basic understanding of the history of urbanism, the theory and principles of urban design, and the relevant legal and administrative procedures. Students study the techniques of survey and research used in the analysis of the structure and growth of urban areas. They are involved in written and graphic communication. They recognize the contributions made by other disciplines concerned with the study of urban development.

By developing systematic programs for the orderly and unified arrangement of urban physical structures, students focus their accumulated knowledge and skills on specific urban problems. This Bachelor of Science program, which has been accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB), is designed to prepare majors to assume the responsibilities encountered in entry level professional planning practice.

This degree requires 120 credit hours. Check out the degree requirements.

Learn more at Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning.

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