List of SPDC Scholarships

The School of Planning, Design, and Construction's scholarships are competitive and typically go to students who have been at MSU for at least one semester.

NOTE:  Students must apply for scholarships annually.  The application and directions for completion are posted on our website under Scholarship Opportunities.  Students will receive an email when the applications open and before the deadline.



Ed Gavin Memorial Scholarship 

  • Awarded to worthy students in residential construction courses.

Frederick Schmid Honorary Fund 

  • Provide financial assistance to graduate students enrolled in the Construction Management Program. 

Gerald C. Olrich Construction Management Undergraduate Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Marsha Kay Olrich; awarded to undergraduate Construction Management majors based on academic performance, work experience, commitment to construction industry, involvement in extracurricular activities, or to incoming freshman who have demonstrated academic achievement with strong interest in the Construction Management program. 

Alexander W. Cron Construction Management Undergraduate Memorial Endowment 

  • Endowed by Douglas J. and Sandra L. Cron in memory of their son Alex; awarded to Construction Management undergraduate majors that cancer has one way, or another touched or effected their lives and ability to continue or complete their academic studiesor to incoming freshman who have demonstrated academic achievement, a strong interest in the Construction Management program, and the construction industry.  

Albert A. White Scholarship Fund 

  • Provide financial assistance to students in the Construction Management Program.

Brenda M. Campbell Memorial 

  • Awarded to an undergraduate student who have achieved junior status or above and is enrolled in the Construction Management programRecipient must demonstrate leadership, posse’s effective communication skills, have a commitment to their chosen field of study, are well-rounded in their academic and non-academic pursuits, and have a vision or plan for their future career. Preference shall be given to a female student. 

William Clark Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by The Greater Lansing Home Builders Association in memory of R. William Clark; awarded to full-time undergraduate juniors or seniors enrolled in the Construction Management Program with preference to students who have a strong academic record. Recipients shall be selected based on academic achievement, personal integrity, financial need, commitment to a career in residential or light commercial construction and have a minimum of two terms of college left to complete. 

Curtis M. Beachum Building Construction Management Scholarship 

  • Endowed by the James C. Beachum family, honoring Curtis Beachum; awarded to junior or senior students enrolled in the Construction Management Program with commitment to a career in the construction industry, satisfactory academic record, extracurricular activities, involvement in campus lifeand personal integrity.

William B. Lloyd Endowment in Building Construction Management 

  • Established by family, friends, and alumni to honor the memory of William B. Llyod; awarded to undergraduate Construction Management students based on academic performance, work experience, commitment to industry, and involvement in extracurricular activities, or high school seniors who have demonstrated academic achievement with a strong interest in the Construction Management Program or construction industry. 

Steven R. Stokosa Memorial Endowment in Building Construction Management 

  • Established by family, friends, and alumni to honor the memory of Steven R. Stokosa; awarded to Construction Management majors based on academic performance, work experience, commitment to industry, and involvement in extracurricular activities, or incoming freshman who have demonstrated academic achievement with a strong interest in the Construction Management Program, and the construction industry.

The Thomas H. Burkhardt Memorial Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Patricia A. Burkhardt in memory of Tom Burkhardt; awarded to Construction Management students who have achieved junior status with preference given to non-traditional students who have additional needs or challenges by returning to complete his or her education at a later age (i.e. non-traditional students may be older than average, have a spouse and/or childrenSpecial consideration given to students with active involvement in Sigma Lambda Chi or other CM related organizations or activities. 

DTN Management Co Endowed Scholarship 

  • Endowed by DTN Management Co; awarded to juniors or seniors majoring in Construction Management, with a 3.0 or higher GPA. 

Lawrence C. Dailey Endowed Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Roberta A. Dailey in memory of her husband, Lawrence C. Dailey, awarded to students enrolled in the Construction Management program with a 3.3 or higher GPA. Preference shall be given to students with financial needs. 

D.R. Wisely Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Daryel R. and Lois E. Wisely; awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources pursuing a degree in the Construction Management program. 

Cathy Morrison Memorial Endowed Scholarship Challenge 

  • Endowed by family and friends of Cathy Morrison; awarded to a Construction Management undergraduate or graduate major who has achieved at least junior class status and is admitted to the Construction Management program with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Preference shall be given to applicants who are veterans, members of the National Guard, ROTC, or who are seeking a military career and to students who are employed.  

Black Family Building Your Future Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Kristine and Steven Black; awarded to students majoring in the Construction Management program with a core program GPA of 3.25 or higher with preference to partial or non-scholarship athletes in any intercollegiate team sport.

Michael Myers Endowed Scholarship in Construction Management 

  • Endowed by the Myers family; awarded to undergraduate or graduate students who have an interest or are majoring in the Construction Management program. Preference given to those who demonstrate financial need.


Georgia Burgess Student Enrichment Fund 

  • Endowed by Robert K. and Georgia A. Burgess; funds to support opportunities for Interior Design students to be exposed to extensive academic and professional experiences by enriching their design, business, and communication skill sets; undergraduate study abroad scholarships.

Rich Schwabauer and NBS Commercial Interiors Endowed Fund for Interior Design 

  • Endowed by Richard Schwabauer, owner, and president of NBS Commercial Interiors, Inc.; awarded to recipients in good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who have demonstrated financial need, with preference to applicants who have received endorsements from SPDC, CANR faculty and staff as having demonstrated a serious desire to have a career in Interior Design upon graduation. 

Morna KIine Memorial Fund 

  • Awarded to an outstanding senior Interior Design student who shows unusual creativity and talent, not dependent upon GPA. 

Jane H. Stolper/BIFMA Facilities Design and Management Endowed Student Scholarship 

  • Established by Jane Stolper and the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association; awarded to recipients on the basis of professional goals, student/faculty status, class level, academic achievement, specialization in facilities design and management in the Interior Design major, and/or financial need. 

Margaret Mika Endowed Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Margaret Mika; awarded to juniorsseniors or graduate students majoring in Interior Design with an average 3.0 GPA who have a talent for and heartfelt interest in Interior Design.

Crandell Family Interior Design Scholarship 

  • Established by Bert and Lindy Crandell; awarded to a student that is a resident of the State of Michigan, is a junior or senior in good academic standing, maintains a 3.0 or higher GPA, and is majoring in Interior Design.

Mary Shipley Endowed Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Mary Jo Haggerty; awarded to full time students enrolled in the Interior Design major or under review for admission. 

Suzanne Riebschlager Design Scholarship  

  • Established by Karen J. Zurawski to honor a loved mother, sister, and friend; awarded to recipients enrolled in the Interior Design program with preference given to first-generation students who hold a 3.3. GPA or higher, and who have demonstrated involvement in extracurricular activities outside the classroom and in their communities. 


William C. Stenquist and Kathryn Burgess Stenquist Landscape Architecture Scholarship 

  • Endowed by William C. Stenquist and Kathryn Burgess; awarded to Landscape Architecture students who have demonstrated academic excellence.

John W. Campbell Endowment for Environmental Design Masters 

  • Established by John W. and Mary Lee Campbell to support fellowship awards for teaching, research, or outreach, and/or outreach enhancements for graduate students in the Environmental Design Program leading to a Master of Arts degree. May be used to support an undergraduate or graduate student to participate in the Top of the Mitt Watershed Council’s internship program in Petoskey, Michigan.

Kenneth and Shirley Polakowski Family Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Kenneth and Shirley Polakowski; awarded to students enrolled in the Landscape Architecture Program based on academic achievement and financial need, with preference given to upper class students and students who are members of underrepresented groups.    

Hamilton Anderson Associates, Inc. Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Hamilton Anderson Associates, Inc.; awarded to undergraduate students studying Landscape Architecture with an interest in Urban Design and a desire to practice in urban communities in the US. Special consideration to assure the award supports the university’s stated mission of building and supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion on campus. Recipients shall have graduated from a high school in the US with a GPA of 3.0 or higher with preference given to students who have financial need.

Thomas K. and Sheila T. Moore Landscape Architecture Fund 

  • Endowed by Sheila T. and Thomas K. Moore; awarded to an undergraduate studying Landscape Architecture. Applicants are required to compose an essay, 2 pages maximum explaining their perspective on the interdisciplinary nature of planning and design of vibrant and walkable communities, and how these apply to the planning and design ideals to the greater Lansing area. The recipient will be chosen based on essay, GPA, and financial need.  

June Knostman Landscape Architecture Endowment 

  • Endowed by June Knostman; awarded to third year Landscape Architecture students with financial need and at least a 3.2 GPA. Applicants are required to submit a one-page essay on what they want to accomplish in a career in Landscape Architecture.

Jack G. Anderson Student Enrichment Fund for Landscape Architecture 

  • Established by Brian Anderson, Deanne Preston, Tammy Freeman, and Jeff Anderson in memory of Jack, MSU Landscape Architecture graduate; funds to support students travel to conferences or competitions, charrettes, and other experiential learning opportunities for Landscape Architecture students.

Robert P. and Phyllis Bach Landscape Architecture Enrichment Fund 

  • Established by Robert P. and Phyllis A. Bach to support faculty, undergraduate/graduate scholarship assistance, and visiting scholars for guest lectureships.

John and Patricia Chipman Endowed International Enrichment Program in Landscape Architecture  

  • Endowed by John Chipman, Sr.; established to support the Landscape Architecture Study Abroad Program.


Malcom C. Drummond-Shunichi Hagiwara Student Assistance 

  • Endowed by Malcolm C. Drummond and Shunichi Hagiwara; awarded to undergraduate or graduate students enrolled either full or part-time basis in the Urban Planning program. Recipients must have a demonstrable interest in pursuing a career in planning, or related public or private sector profession with academic merit and financial need considered.  

Bill G. Rowden Memorial Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Tawnya Rowden to honor the memory of her father; awarded to one Urban and Regional Planning junior or senior in good standing based on professionalism (integrity), professional goals, and academic achievement (ranked in top ten of URP program).

Tim Hernandez Urban Planning Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Timothy L. Hernandez; awards based on academic achievement and professional goals, with preference to MSU Urban and Regional Planning students either enrolled in the MSU Honors College and/or students who are members of underrepresented groups. Specific selection based on faculty recommendations plus a career goals statement by applicants addressing their professional goals and how they plan to use their planning education to make a difference in the world.

Carol Steininger-Banas Endowed Scholarship 

  • Established by J. Michael Banas in memory of his wife Carol, an Urban Planning graduate; awarded to female students studying Urban Planning. 

Frank W. Brutt Undergraduate Scholarship in Urban and Regional Planning 

  • Endowed by Frank W. Brutt; awarded to junior or senior undergraduates in the Urban and Regional Planning program. 

Richard and Jo-Ann Killinger Endowed Scholarship in Urban and Regional Planning 

  • Endowed by Richard and Jo-Ann Killinger; awarded to students admitted in the College of Social Science at the master’s level in Urban and Regional Planning. Preference shall be given to students who have a home residence in a large urban environment, financial need, and above-average academic record, involvement in social issues and initiatives, a demonstrated desire to be a practitioner, and hard work ethic.

Bergman Travel Grant 

  • Established by Edward M. Bergman; awarded to an Urban and Regional Planning undergraduate student who has a need to travel to pursue planning-related research, with preference given to an applicant who is a first-generation university attendee to stimulate interest in conducting research. Award recipient will prepare a short description of the research proposed and how the travel grant would advance its prospects, which will be sent to the donor.

Timothy Price ’68 Urban Planning Scholarship 

  • Established by Timothy M. Price; awarded to junior or senior undergraduates or masters students with preference given to Michigan residents. Recipients selected based on class level, residency, academic achievement, financial need, and statement of professional goals.

Barr McGrath Expendable Award 

  • Established by James McGrath; awarded to Urban and Regional Planning graduate students who have shown great potential to have impact in the Urban and Regional Planning field, with preference given to students doing research or showing interest in affordable houseAward intended to recognize a leader within the program. 

Hernandez Family Detroit Scholarship 

  • Established by Keith Hernandez; awarded to graduates of a Detroit public high school and current MSU student with at least a 3.2 GPA who intends to pursue a degree in Urban and Regional Planning and/or intends to pursue a course of study with the aim to ameliorate problems endemic to the City of Detroit. 

Patrick D. Clark and Kevin A. Clark Spartan Cornerstone Scholarship 

  • Endowed by Patrick D. Clark and Kevin A. Clark; all students entering their freshman or sophomore year at MSU are eligible with preference to students in the School of Planning, Design and Construction.