First Impressions Tourism Assessment - Application

April 1, 2021

Background info and application for the First Impressions Tourism Assessment Program.


Interested in FIT?

MSU Extension accepts and reviews applications year round. Download the application and save to your computer.

Things to know: 

  1. FIT is designed to meet needs and interests of each community that applies.

  2. Applications are accepted and reviewed year round.

  3. FIT is ideal for communities with 10,000 people or fewer. Special arrangements can be made for larger communities.

  4. On average, the FIT process takes between four and six months per community.


  1. Form a community leadership team (CLT) made up of local stakeholders and apply for FIT by filling out our application.

  2. MSU Extension educators will conduct a FIT orientation and outline next steps with the CLT.

  3. A team of FIT visitors will then assess the host community unannounced.

  4. The CLT organizes a community report forum (CRF), where MSU Extension educator/FIT assessor will share the assessment results and suggestions with the CLT and the community.

  5. MSU Extension educator/FIT leader will provide a written report of results and suggestions to the CLT.

  6. The CLT takes the lead in driving action within the host community based on FIT results.

  7. MSU Extension conducts follow-up at a later date and offers further assistance.