"The FIT program allowed the community to hear and be engaged in how our city needs to position itself as a welcoming community. FIT was a very beneficial project for the City and the larger community of Allegan."

-City of Allegan, City Manager, Joel Dye (FIT 2022 Community)

“We've had nothing but positive feedback! MSU Extension has excellent presenters, and the depth of your research is invaluable to us. Your findings left us feeling proud of Hart, energized by the results and ready to tackle "next steps"."

-City of Hart, Community and Economic Development Director, Nicole Kleiner (FIT 2022 Community)

"The FIT program provided the opportunity for the Village of Cassopolis to create new relationships, reexamine our community assets, and highlighted unexplored avenues for continued growth.  It is easy to lose sight of the many assets around you, but the FIT program reminded us to think about more than our two square miles and continue our mission to collaborate with all those around us.  We are thankful that we were able to partner with the team at MSU Extension and the FIT Program, and look forward to showcasing some of our teams projects to them in the future."

-Village of Cassopolis, Village Manager, Emilie LaGrow, Esq. (FIT 2021 Community)

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“The FIT program’s requirements was creating this community leadership team. So, to me, that has been of just an awesome experience. We see this team of people involved in the community and working together on one cause has been very rewarding.”

-City of St. Clair Parks and Recreation Director, Trice Hawkins (FIT 2019 Community)

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“Many recreation sites were mentioned that I was unaware of, and I moved here in 1973!”

-City of Laingsburg resident and participant (FIT 2019 Community)

"We participated in the First Impressions Tourism Assessment program in 2019 and found it to be invaluable to our community and tourism planning efforts. The assessment provided the City and our tourism partners with much needed information to help direct our community in a strategic way."

-City of Ironwood (2019 FIT Community)

"This report has helped us focus our efforts on what needs to be done to welcome tourists...The report was key to bring us together to tackle these issues."

-City of Bessemer (2018 FIT Community)