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Team Members

Ray Miller

Associate professor in MSU’s Department of Forestry with more than 30 years of research experience in woody biomass crop production and in bioenergy systems development. He is responsible for project administration and represents the team in state, regional and national events.

Karen Potter-Witter

Project Co-director
(517) 353-9447

Professor with MSU’s Department of Forestry and has 30 years of experience with extension and research programs involving Michigan’s forest landowners and forest products industry. She will coordinate project infrastructure assessment and resource development.

Stephen Gasteyer

Project Co-director
(517) 355-3505

Associate professor in MSU’s Department of Sociology. Has conducted extensive research in community engagement around biomass energy issues and will coordinate the opportunity assessment portion of the project.

David Neumann

Project Co-director

(517) 284-5887

Utilization and marketing specialist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ Forest Management Division. He represents our state partner on the project team.

Bill Cook

Outreach Coordinator
(906) 786-1575

Forest educator with MSU Extension and has been directly involved in numerous woody biomass development projects in Michigan. He is the primary point of contact for this project and serves as the project’s outreach coordinator and communications facilitator.


Directing Members

  • Michigan State University Departments of Forestry and Social Science
  • Michigan State University Extension
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • United States Forest Service Wood Education and Resources Center

Advising Members

  • Michigan Technological University
  • Michigan Farm Bureau
  • Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Michigan Biomass
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Michigan Forest Products Council
  • Michigan Association of Timbermen
  • US Forest Service Ottawa national Forest
  • Biogenic Reagents
  • Sustainable Resources Institute
About the Michigan Wood Energy Team

The Michigan Wood Energy Team assesses Michigan’s woody biomass supplies, energy infrastructure, and community readiness related to wood energy. We also provide educational resources related to the use of wood energy in Michigan, and provide supporting materials for the installation of demonstration systems for wood energy combined heat and power or district heating and cooling systems at the institutional or small community scale. Learn more about our mission and our members.