• Wood chip heat

    Published on November 12, 2019
    As older boilers reach replacement age, it’s well worth considering systems that burn renewable and cost-competitive wood chips. Michigan is well-poised to expand this very environmentally-friendly heating fuel.

  • Home heating devices

    Published on October 24, 2017
    Forests have huge potential to help supply Michigan with heat and perhaps power. However, providing heating and cooling is the low-hanging fruit. A wide range of appliances help serve this purpose.

  • Heating and wood

    Published on September 15, 2017
    As the colder season approaches, some buildings are less prepared than others. Wood-based products, such as chips or pellets, can be viable alternatives to new fossil fuel furnaces and boilers.

  • Misconceptions about wood-based energy

    Published on March 9, 2017
    Everyone needs to heat and cool spaces. Which fuel to use is a choice. Each option has impacts and consequences. For heavily-forested states such as Michigan, wood can be a smart choice.

  • Conversion to wood boilers

    Published on January 5, 2017
    An advanced wood chip system, in particular, can save a considerable amount of money over the life of the boiler, support a local economy, reduce carbon footprints, and help sustain a wide range of environmental and economic benefits.

  • Wood-based thermal energy is the key to producing sustainable and renewable heat

    Published on December 15, 2016
    Now that the winter solstice is around the corner, we’re all aware of the need to heat our living, shopping and working spaces. The lake states have a huge and increasing wood inventory, tremendous untapped potential for producing renewable heat.

  • Uphill battles

    Published on March 7, 2016
    Wood-based district energy grids and wood-based home/commercial heating are the lowest hanging fruits on the renewable energy tree. Michigan offers huge potential to benefit thousands of citizens, hundreds of businesses, communities and the environment.

  • Does it get any cleaner

    Published on August 6, 2015
    Wood energy, an efficient and affordable technology, is one of the most environmentally-friendly energy sources at our disposal. It is renewable and sustainable, but it’s locally-sourced and contributes to the heating and cooling sector.

  • Wood energy revisited

    Published on April 13, 2015
    Following a cold winter, now might be the time to consider heating with wood. Wood heat technology goes far beyond the common smoke-belching outdoor burners. It is an efficient, dependable, low-cost alternative to fossil fuels.

  • Wood energy challenges

    Published on September 3, 2013
    Renewable energy discussions often exclude wood as a feedstock. Yet, in many ways, wood has many advantages.