Butterflies in the Garden


We are planning on Butterflies in the Garden to be all in person this year. Teachers, if you would like to schedule a field trip contact Jessica at: garden4h@msu.edu.

General Public:

Butterflies in the Garden will be open to the public on weekends-only starting April 13th and ending April 28th. Weekend hours are 10-4 pm.

Virtual Butterflies in the Garden Tour

Can't make it to the Butterfly Garden this year? Then check out our Virtual Tour

Try out some Butterfly Crafts

  • Miss Jessica has put together a bunch of great ideas for Butterfly Crafts.  You are sure to have some fun doing these crafts!
  • Click here to get to the crafts page.
  • Tell us what craft you tried in the Butterfly Knowledge Quiz below.

Butterfly Plants / Butterfly Garden

  • Look for these plants that you can add to your Butterfly Garden.

 Butterfly Plants poster

Our Butterfly Plants

Create your Butterfly Garden

  • After looking at the plant information above, make plans to plant your own Butterfly Plants or Butterfly Garden.
  • Tell us what plant(s) you would like to plant in the Butterfly Knowledge Quiz below.

Become a butterfly

  1. Download one (or more) of our butterfly outlines Become a Butterfly
  2. Make sure you have a photo of yourself.  If you don't, then take a minute to take one.
  3. Open your image in a photo editing program and delete the background or make it transparent. You will have to find instructions on how to do this online.
  4. Open the butterfly outline in the photo editing program
  5. Add (insert) your image on the butterfly outline image (You may have to resize and rotate your image so that it fits).
  6. Save your new butterfly image and enjoy!