Once the butterfly eggs hatch, we have caterpillars.

To find caterpillars look for this sign:

Find Caterpillars Here - Please do not touch

Here are a few hints for finding caterpillars: Please look at them, but leave them where they are!

  1. Look for the signs that say "Find Caterpillars here" and look at those plants.
  2. Look at the underside of the leaves. Many times caterpillars will be there - it is a little bit safer for them.
  3. Remember that caterpillars start out very small - so look for the little caterpillars too!
  4. If you don't see any caterpillars, ask someone to help you look.
  5. If you find caterpillars, show someone else.

Interesting caterpillar information:

  1. Caterpillars pretty much do one thing - eat all day (and much of the night).
  2. This also means that they need to get rid of the waste left over after eating - so they also poop a lot!
  3. Many caterpillars are camouflaged to blend into their host plant and environment.
  4. The life span of a caterpillar is from 2 to 4 weeks.
  5. Caterpillars have 8 pairs of legs. The first three pairs are jointed with hooks, are called thoracic legs and will become the butterfly's legs.

Here are some of our caterpillars from the very youngest to those ready to form a chrysalis: