Theme Gardens

The 4-H Children's Gardens are made up of lots of Theme Gardens.  Themes that kids know and connect with. Themes that will connect kids and plants.

There are nearly 100 theme gardens and areas in the 4-H Children's Gardens.

The Theme Gardens range from the ABC Kinder Garden to the Wild Garden. The map below shows their locations within the garden.  Click on any of the theme garden names in the menu to learn lots more about that garden.

Near the Entrance

  • Entrance Garden
  • Information Station
  • Teddy Bear and Animals Garden
  • Sunburst Entrance
  • Friend's Terrace
  • Crayon Color Garden
  • Imagination Arbor

After you enter the garden:

  • ABC Kinder Garden
  • Train Garden
  • Storybook Garden
  • L.H. Bailey Garden
  • Perfume Garden
  • Milk, Meat and Wool Garden

Around the Amphitheater

  • Amphitheater Plaza
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Enchanted Garden
  • Bird Garden
  • USDA Nutritional Foods Garden
  • Creation Station

Around the Rainbow

  • Pioneer Garden
  • African-American Garden
  • Hispanic-American Garden
  • Native American Garden
  • Asian-American Garden
  • Around the World Globe Garden
  • Pot of Gold
  • Butterfly Garden

Along the main sidewalk

  • Peter Rabbit Herb Garden
  • Pizza Garden
  • Little Prairie Garden
  • Sensational Herb Garden
  • Special Child's Garden
  • Cloth and Color Garden

Around the Monet Pond

  • Monet Bridge
  • Monet Garden
  • Spitting Frogs
  • Bog Garden

Around the Maze

  • Sundial Garden
  • Wild Garden
  • Our Wonderland
  • Alice in Wonderland Maze
  • Secret Garden

Around the Dance Chimes

  • Sunflower House
  • All-Aboard Train
  • Dance Chimes
  • Garden Gateway
  • Twigaloo Village

Walking toward the Tree House

  • Dinosaur Garden
  • Rock Garden
  • Performing Plants Garden
  • Pharmacy Garden
  • Science Discovery Garden

Tree House area

  • Tree House
  • Ready Ramp