Pizza Garden

Pizza GardenThe Pizza Garden is shaped like a giant (6 foot across) pizza with a piece cut out of it.  In this garden we grow the plants that make your pizza.  The cement "crust" is rounded like a pizza crust and has imprints of many of the plants that are in the garden.



Look for these plants in the Pizza Garden

  • Wheat - to make the crust for your pizza.
  • Tomato - to make pizza sauce and sometimes to put on top of your pizza. Look for ripe tomatoes.
  • Pepper - a topping for your pizza. Look for ripe peppers.
  • Basil - used in pizza sauce and often added as a pizza topping. Rub the basil leaves and smell them.
  • Oregano - used in pizza sauce.  Rub your hand through the leaves and smell.... smells like pizza!
  • Chives - used in pizza sauce and as a pizza topping.


Pizza Garden Photo Gallery