The purpose of marketing is to connect buyers with sellers. Many online resources are available. This page refers users to three areas. General marketing covers agricultural marketing broadly. Direct marketing focuses on direct sales from the farm. Market price information offers links to price data.

General Marketing:

    1. Commodities & Products: Assess value-added market opportunities, processing options, and production issues.
    2. Markets & Industries: Analyze markets and industries for value added products.
    3. Business Development: Create, develop and operate a value-added agricultural business.
    4. Renewable Energy: Analyze energy markets and related climate change policy.

Direct Marketing:

  • Farmer Direct Marketing:  Oregon State University offers a comprehensive Small Farms web site with advice and links to direct marketing web sites around the United States.

Market Price Information:

  • AMS Market NewsUSDA Agricultural Marketing Service provides current market prices from major markets around the United States for Fruits and Vegetables; Milk and Dairy Products; Livestock, Meats, Grain and Hay; Poultry and Eggs; Tobacco; Cotton; and Transportation.
  • Commodity Market Prices: website contains commodity prices for grains, animal products and many non-agricultural commodities. Select category of interest under "Futures and Commodities Quotes and Charts."
  • Agricultural Prices:  This site contains historic USDA price data back to 1910 for a wide variety of crop and animal products.
  • Organic Prices:  This site contains historic USDA wholesale and retail prices of organic products (downloadable Excel tables).