Capacity Development for Modernizing African Food Systems - MAFS [2013 -2015]

Co-Principal Investigators



Implementation: Apr, 2013 - Nov, 2014.  With support of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, MSU/AFRE faculty, along with researchers from Makarere, Stellenbosch and Pretoria University formed a MAFS Consortium which aimed to help African agricultural education and training (AET) institutions develop the technical skills and institutional capacity required to modernize African food systems.

The MAFS Consortium assembled a technical team from these four major agricultural universities to produce a series of empirical background studies that provided evidence necessary for informing capacity development efforts in African AET institutions. 


Substantively, the activities centered around four thematic areas.

  • Food System Dynamics in Africa and Consequent Skill Requirements in the Private and Public Sectors
  • Models of AET Engagement with Private and Public Sector Employers
  • Existing Capacity of African AET: Case studies of African universities with regional footprints
  • Impact of past AET institution-building efforts in Africa

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