Benefits of the Michigan On-Farm Food Safety Logo

, Produce Safety Technician

Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Logo

Recently, The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) announced a logo use agreement for Produce Safety Risk Assessment (PSRA) Certificate holding farms.

This logo use agreement allows PSRA partner farms to use the Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Logo (MIOFPS) in their advertising as a visual assurance to their buyers they are committed to growing safe food.

The PSRA Certificate is a great resource for growers. Completing the Risk Assessment Program provides a grower with confidence that their on-farm practices meet the minimum standard for the growing, holding, storing and transportation of fresh produce as set by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule. The MIOFPS Logo is a useful tool at market, farm stands, and for advertising to consumers because this logo allows buyers to identify PSRA certificate holding growers while shopping. When buyers see the partner farm logo, they can feel assured the partner farm is dedicated to on-farm food safety.

If your farm is interested in learning more about the PSRA program and MIOFPS Logo use, visit the MIOFPS website, contact your local Conservation District or visit the MSU Extension Agrifood Safety page.