• AC3 Pod Cast #8 The Get Away Drop In Center

    Published on November 29, 2022
    Interview with Christina Bowers from the Get Away Drop In Center

  • AC3 Pod Cast Episode 7 Farm For Folks

    Published on April 8, 2022
    Interview with Elise Bunce from Farm For Folks

  • ac3-podcast-episode-6

    Published on February 28, 2022
    Interview with Janel Crooks Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor includes 6 minutes of meditation practice

  • ac3-pod-cast-episode-5-families-against-narcotics

    Published on December 17, 2021
    Elena Torongo from Families Against Narcotics talks about their new program.

  • AC3 podcast Episode #4

    Published on August 31, 2021
    Harm Reduction interview with Monica Erickson from the LMAS Health Department

  • AC3 Podcast episode 3

    Published on June 30, 2021
    Discussed teen issues with Munising Middle/High School Mental Health Therapist Mellissa Carlson and two students Cleo and Adel.

  • AC3 Podcast Episode 2

    Published on May 13, 2021
    AC3 discussion with Linda Remsberg and Van Ouellette-Ballas on underage drinking and drug use.

  • AC3 podcast episode 1

    Published on January 18, 2021
    AC3 Board members introduction of projects