Poultry: How many different kinds can there be? Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks & Geese right?  But wait - as you walk through the poultry barn at the Barry County Fair you start to notice a chicken with feathers on its legs and the one across from it has no feathers on its neck? There are red birds, speckled birds,  black birds, white birds, really big birds and very small birds, turkeys of different colors, geese and big ducks, small ducks and ducks that look like they are built to run?  Wait is that a green egg in the cage?

The American Poultry Association recognizes over 120 breeds of chickens each with its own unique qualities and characteristics. Many of these can be seen at the Barry County Fair along with the 4-H members who can answer all of your questions about the different varieties of birds and why they love to care for and show off the birds they have.

There is no end to the animal science lessons that are learned from the poultry project.  Learn about 
embryology and watch a chick hatch!  Learn how to feed and care for a flock, veterinary science, breeding and genetics…answers to questions like “how do I get different color feathers on my bird?”  Raise meat for your freezer and know where your food came from. 4-H members have told us they have taken science classes in school they might not have had an interest in it it weren’t for the poultry project.  Call the Extension Office 269 945-1388 and we can connect you with a 4-H Poultry Club in your area.


Below you will find information and forms needed for fair.  The Fair Entry Form is a separate entry form unique to our poultry project that is to be completed in addition to the MDA entry form that goes to the fair.  This form is to be sent to our poultry clerk (contact information is on the form) by June 1st.  The Showmanship Score Sheet is to help members prepare for showmanship and see how they will be evaluated.  If you are entering eggs you will want to pick your very best – the Selecting Eggs for Show document will help you determine how to select and exhibit your best grouping.  The Market Bird order form is for use by leaders when ordering market birds for their club.  All market birds must be ordered through the superintendent.

Links to each document can be found below.

Poultry Nutrition Clinic Presented by Kalmback Feeds


Notebooks and Record Keeping Books

Our 4-H poultry project has a project notebook that is available for members participating with breed birds to complete.  It will be judged on Non-livestock Judging Day and exhibited at fair.  Show off your knowledge and expertise by completing a poultry project notebook or educational display!

Market participants are required to complete a poultry market notebook and have it judged at Non-livestock Judging Day at fair and on exhibit fair week.

Links to Notebooks can be found below:

Project Snap Shot