Zoonotic Disease

October 10, 2014

Be a Zoonotic Disease DetectiveUse your Head, Heart, Hands and Health (just like in the 4-H pledge) to learn about germs that can spread between humans and animals, and how to reduce everyone’s risk of catching them.

Tags: 4-h animal evaluation, 4-h beef production & managment, 4-h companion animals, 4-h dairy cattle, 4-h goats, 4-h horses & ponies, 4-h poultry, 4-h rabbits & cavies, 4-h sheep production & management, 4-h swine production & management, 4-h veterinary science, animal science, avian influenza, backyard flocks, beef, breakfast on the farm, commercial flocks, fleece breeds of sheep, food & health, goats, healthy youth, horses, meat breeds of sheep, pork, poultry, sheep & goats, swine influenza

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