Who is always waiting for you with a friendly greeting when you come home? Who sits quietly with you while you do homework? Your friend, your companion… your dog. Your friend that will play fetch with you for hours on end or offer you comfort and quiet companionship when you need it. Your friend who gives you so much while asking very little in return.

Would you like to better understand what your dog may need? Maybe teach him better manors or new tricks? 4-H is the place to help you do just that! Our 4-H dog program helps members teach their dogs obedience, learn how to handle your dog on a leash or with other dogs. Does your dog love to run and jump? Teach them to run an agility course. Don’t forget the science stuff, learn what makes your dog tick and how to better care for him. Our 4-H dog program can do that and more!


All 4-H members planning to show dogs at fair must be pre-registered with the K-9 Club by May 1st. If you are borrowing a dog to use in the show there is criteria that must be met and a borrowed dog agreement must be submitted to the leader of the Barry County 4-H K-9 Club.

  • Dog Fair Pre-registration  Form – No pre-registration form is required to participate in the Barry County Fair. However all 4-H members must be a member of the K-9 Club and have met the club requirements for participation.
  • Borrowed Dog Agreement


All 4-H members attending the Barry County Fair with their dogs are required to complete the Dog Project Record Book annually. They are also required to complete the Dog Project Notebook for their age group. These record books and notebooks must be turned into the Extension Office by June 30th. The links to the Record Book and Notebooks can be found below.

Record Book 


Project Snap Shot