4-H Horse Council

The Bay County 4-H Horse Advisory Council is made up of youth and adults registered in horse projects in the Bay County 4-H Youth program.

These persons shall remain members of the Horse Advisory Council as long as they are recognized participants with the Bay County 4-H program. 

The members and advisors of each club with horse projects shall abide by the rules, policies, and procedures for the Bay County 4-H Horse Program, the Michigan State University 4-H Horse and Ponies Rules book for 4-H Horse Shows, and the bylaws of the Bay County 4-H Horse Advisory Council. 

The Bay County 4-H Horse Advisory Council will meet the second Wednesday of every month from January through September at 6:30 p.m. Special meetings may be called by the President with a one (1) week notification provided to organizational leaders of each 4-H club. This communication will be by postal mail and/or email.

If you are interested in filling a vacant spot, contact MSU Extension - Bay County at (989) 895-4025, or e-mail Holly Mueller at julianho@msu.edu  

4-H Horse Council Youth Officers:

Vice President:

4-H Horse Council Adult Advisors: