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4-H works with young people throughout Bay County helping them become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. Educational programs are provided by trained, dedicated adult volunteers interacting with young in a community setting. 4-H clubs, community service, environmental programs, community youth development, citizenship programs, leadership training and school programs connect Bay County youth with the wider world through Michigan State University and the national and international programs it supports.

What’s Happening in 4-H?


Competent, caring adults who are concerned about young people are an important part of our county 4-H programs. Volunteer Leaders become positive role models for 4-H members. The purpose of our Volunteer Selection Process (VSP) is to help you get to know MSU Extension 4-H programs better and for MSU Extension 4-H to get to know you better. Knowledge about your interests, skills and background will help us to make a better match between your volunteer interests and the needs of youth. The first step of the process is to complete the forms (see links below) and send them to our office at:

Volunteer Application

ATTN: VSP Application, MSU Extension
515 Center Ave. ste. G-102
Bay City, MI 48708

(Please write ‘confidential’ on the envelope)

Once we receive the forms you will receive an email to set up an interview.

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  • Jodi Schulz, Extension 4-H Youth Educator, State-wide 4-H Youth Programs, 989-895-4026
  • Holly Mueller, Program Coordinator, Local 4-H Youth Programs, 989-895-4026 x 1

Frequently Asked 4-H Questions

What do the four “H’s” stand for?
Glad you asked! “4-H” stands for Head (because 4-H gets adults and kids thinking and learning together), Heart (because 4-H fosters caring, important relationships between youth, their peers and adults), Hands (because the focus of 4-H is hands-on learning), and Health (because 4-H activities promote a healthy balance of young people’s obligations to school, family and community and help kids learn to make healthy lifestyle choices.)
Don’t I have to be involved with farming to enroll my child in 4-H?
No! 4-H programs are designed to benefit both youth and adults from all walks of life, regardless of whether they come from rural, urban or suburban backgrounds.
How old must my child be to participate in 4-H?
Children between the ages of 5 and 8 are considered to be “Cloverbuds” and have specialized programming in 4-H. Children between the ages of 9 and 19 are standard 4-H members. “4-H Age” is determined by the age of the child as of January 1 of the current calendar year. In other words, a child who was 11 years old on January 1 is considered to have the “4-H Age” of 11 years for the entire year.
What does it cost to be enrolled in 4-H?
A $10 participation fee is collected once each year from each 4-H youth participant. Families with three or more children participating in 4-H pay a maximum of $30 per year. No child is ever turned away from 4-H due to an inability to pay the participation fee. Money collected from participation fees is used exclusively to develop, purchase, implement and update 4-H programming. 4-H also collects a $1 or $2 insurance fee per member. Members in horse projects pay the $2 fee all others pay the $1 fee per year.
When must my child be enrolled in 4-H to show at the fair?
Any 4-H Member who plans to show projects or animals at the Bay County Fair and Youth Exposition must be enrolled in an active 4-H club by April 1, and attend three regular club meetings before the fair beings in early August.
How long is my enrollment good for?
Any youth or volunteer involved in 4-H programs must re-enroll on an annual basis. The 4-H program year runs from October through September. Re-enrollment for the new program year must generally be completed by December 1.
Can I start my own 4-H club?
Absolutely! You must have at least five youth from at least two different families and conduct at least six meetings per program year. Also, each club must have at least one adult who accepts responsibility as the organizational leader.
How does my child get to sell an animal at the 4-H Livestock Auction?
Any 4-H member who intends to sell an animal at the Livestock Auction must be a member of the Bay County 4-H livestock Association and attend at least three regular association meetings and three activities during the program year. Steer to be sold in auction must be in the youth’s possession by February 1. Swine, lambs and goats must be in the youth’s possession by May 1. Water fowl, poultry and rabbits must be in the youth’s possession by June 15. Contact MSU Extension for more details (989) 895-4025.


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